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This festival of Kutch celebrates the colour of the region, providing an arena for the arts and crafts of Gujurat to be displayed and purchased. It’s possible to spend hours just walking through the stalls looking at the detailed embroidery on bed linen and brightly coloured leather work that had been intricately carved into decorations.

For the more inquisitive souls, you can also visit some of the local villages and NGOs to see local artisans practice traditional Indian arts including rabari emroidery, rogan art and the distinctive mirror work that Kutch is known for.

What’s included;

• Daily yin and yang asana practices

• Led and silent meditations

• Guided desert walks

• Access to the Festival site

• Excursions to sacred sites

• Shopping experiences

• Trip to local artisans

• 2 nights accommodation tented

• 4 Nights Guest House accommodation

• Breakfast, lunch and dinner x 5 days

• Airport Transfer


Rann Utsav of “Kutch” Region is cradled in the largest salt marsh of the world. Located at the far Western edge of Gujarat, Kutch is not part of the usual tourist trail. Whilst many traipse through Rajasthan for a view of the desert, fewer venture to the other side of the Thar desert to explore this spectacular region. This makes it the perfect place to really feel how our ancestors must have felt when there was nothing before them but oceans of elusive sand.

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The total cost of this retreat is USD930 on shared room basis. This includes breakfast, dinner, all included sightseeing, yoga and meditation, internal transport while with group and pick up/drop off to Bhuj international airport. It does not include internal or international flights. All the accommodation will be of good standard and specially curated to promote communities in Hudko and Immerse in Kutchi arts in Bhuj. In Mandavi we will stay at a beach resort to chill.

Putting this program together to make it a yoga and cultural immersion has been an absolute pleasure. This is the rough itinerary for the event:


12th Dec 2019 by JetConnect at 6:40 am from mumbai to Bhuj.

Day 1 (12th Dec) – Drive to the white dessert and stay at a beautiful locally created eco centre. Over these 3 days we will visit the White Rann of Kutch, have yoga practices and immerse in the local community arts and activities.

Day 3 (14th Dec) – We drive down to Bhuj, the big city of Kutch region and stay in an amazing property. Over these 4 days we will immerse in fabric printing workshops, visit cottage industries and indulge in amazing kutchi food. From the Aina Mahal to the local markets, 4 days might not be enough for this town!

Day 6 (17th Dec) – We make our way to the beautiful coast where trading first begun between West coast of India and East Africa. We will spend 2 nights an a beautiful beach resort and visit the old stone town. The resemblance and cross culture between Mandavi, Zanzibar and Lamu can not be missed!


Gujarat is a DRY STATE – No alcohol.

All meals included will be vegetarian and vegan friendly. Lunch is not included in Bhuj and Mandavi to be able to explore local places.

Kutch is not a frequently visited spot by tourists, in Gujarat you will always find love and warm welcomes. The Eco Village in Hudko is a community created space and as a part of Karuna Ethos to promote sustainable lifestyle, all our accommodation profit goes back into keeping the local arts alive.

Of course we will have daily yoga, meditation and movement too!


Day 8 (19th Dec) – We leave for Bhuj international Airport and make our way back to mumbai.

You can read a bit about kutch here:

Forward options:

Even though the planned retreat ends here, Leyla and Payal plan to spend 2 days in mumbai and then head down to Goa! You are all welcome to come see mumbai or join us on the beach for chill and asana!

Fee: USD 930 on shared bases. For single supplement, inquire separately.

First come first serve basis.

Booking confirmed by 50% deposit.


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