100 Hour Yin & Mindfulness Meditation Training

Dates: 1st – 9th September 2019

Yin Cyprus YTT - Sept 2019 1

This 100 hour Yin and Mediation is the perfect training if you are looking to add to your toolkit as a teacher or a practitioner. Over this period you will experience the more mindful and meditative aspect of yoga. You will be equipped to teach beautiful Yin classes, meditations and introduce mindfulness to new as well as experienced students.



• History of yin and its roots in TCM.

• Yin as a modern tool for a yoga teacher to incorporate flow of qi.

• Yin as counter-balance for our yang lives.

• TCM 5 element cycle and its significance.

• 4 tenets of yin, benefits and contraindications.

• Basic yin poses, guiding in and out, props and support.

Yin Cyprus YTT - Sept 2019 2


• History of buddhism and schools.

• Buddhist meditation techniques- samatha (supported and non), vipassana, anapanasati.

• Stages of meditation deconstructed, milestones and goals.

• Guided meditations- visualisation, metta, yoga nidra.


• Fascia, muscles, bones and joints, bio individuality.

• 5 elements and major meridians.

• Deconstructing the element, a teacher’s toolkit.

– major Meridians in the element and points.
– diagnoses of imbalance, characteristics of elements.
– common observations of excess and deficient and how you can use that information to create a yin class that has a therapeutic effect.

Yin Cyprus YTT - Sept 2019 3

Teaching and Practicum

• How to create and teach a yin class using 5 Element theory, story telling, silence and meditations.

• Yin and Yang flows.

• How to guide meditation.

• Karuna Principles of life and teaching.

• Teaching practicum.

Course Details

Dates: 1st September – 9th September 2019

Price: From $1457

Location: North Cyprus

Requirements: This course is open to everyone. No previous YTT is required Yin yoga is accessible to everyone regardless of their age ability and other conditions. It is the perfect supplement to any other types of high intensity Yoga and physical activities.

What’s included;

• Daily yin and yang yoga classes
• Sunrise beach and mountain yoga practices
• Meditation and pranayama instruction
• Tuition fee
• Yoga Alliance CEP certificate
• Course materials
• Pre-course and post course support
• 8 nights accommodation
• Airport transfer from Ercan
• Delicious healthy prana dense breakfast and lunch
• Opportunities to visit the harbor and meet locals
• Visit to sacred sites

Your Investment

• Single accommodation, breakfast and lunch included – $1897 (£1497)

• Shared accommodation, breakfast and lunch included – $1457 (£1147)

Daily Time Table

• 6:30am – 8:30am – Meditation and yoga practiceYin Cyprus YTT - Sept 2019 4
• 8:30am – 9:30am – Breakfast
• 9:30am – 11am – Lecture
• 11am – 12:30pm – Lecture
• 12:30pm to 3pm – Lunch and break
• 3pm to 4:30pm – Lecture
• 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm – Lecture
• 5:30 to 7pm – Evening practice


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