India Retreat

Sun, Sand and Savasana Yoga and Wellness Retreat – Join Payal and Leyla for 5 days of yoga, meditation, community and exploration this December.

Exploration Retreat

Join us in Manda, Lamu and come truly alive as you inhale, observe, feel, listen and taste like it was the first experience ever, using yogic and non yogic practices.

Kenya YTT Program

This 200-Hour yoga teacher training will allow you to integrate the ancient wisdom of yoga into a modern day, creative, accessible practice.

Student Stories

  • "It's a magnificent experience that I recommend to anyone who feels this infinite and absolute love for Yoga and for everything that it entails." - Sofia.

  • "I’m so proud and happy to count myself as one of the first Karuna graduates! The structure of the course was great – mindful of everyone’s capacity and learning processes, and built with so much love and awareness." - Marie.

  • "A really comprehensive course structure gave us all the tools we needed to start our journey of teaching yoga and sharing it with others." - Sabrina.

  • "Going into the training I did not know if I wanted to teach; throughout, I was able to grow and explore in my own practice and experience on and off the mat." - Jess.


  • "Payal and Leyla are phenomenal teachers ! The experience and knowledge that each of them contribute makes them a dynamic duo that beautifully compliments each other, I am so honoured to have learnt with them." - Liz.

  • "The Karuna journey is not only a yoga teacher training it is much more than that it brought light to my life, deep insight in my yoga practice and opened my heart to help others in need and becoming a compassionate Yoga Teacher." - Marcella.

  • "Is there any other better way to actually understand what is compassion and how to live it in our lives then to learn, laugh, discuss and hang out with Payal and Leyla? I don't know any." - Alice.

  • "Karuna was everything I expected it to be and more. The quality and dedication of the teaching created a safe and inspirational learning environment that allowed me to be myself and explore my potential as a yogi. Thank you!" - Delfina.

  • "Immersing myself in yoga for 21 days was an incredibly grounding experience. It allowed me to not only deepen my yoga practice but also gave me a world perspective about mindfulness, presence, and spirituality to bring with me into my daily life. It is a life changing experience that I recommend to all!" - Zoe.

  • "This YTTC isn't just about furthering your personal practice, but tapping into a collective community of yogis that learn to learn together and thrive. Highly recommended!" - Sandra.

  • "Payal and Leyla are both knowledgeable, adorable teachers who have an incredible talent of teaching and sharing their yoga experience with the students." - Kristina.

  • "I joined the YTT course not really knowing what to expect, but hoped for an experience that would strengthen my practice. What I received was more than my expectations, absolute magical experience that has changed my life forever ." - Mercy.

  • "This is not your run-of-the-mill teacher training. Leyla and Payal lead with a true beauty, grace, and compassion that is rare." - Caryn

  • "As well as the pleasure of immersing myself in yoga, I enjoyed the talks on philosophy, and the support of the teachers and the group. Thanks for a fun and rewarding experience." - Tamara.

  • "Leyla and Payal brought us all together for a life changing journey; encouraging and guiding us through an emotionally and physically intense 21 days of yoga." - Dana.

  • "It was all incredible. I now wake up earlier for sure. My whole mindset has shifted." - Sarah.


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